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400g Bin Bombs Bag


Resealable bag for first-time Bin Bombers not yet ready to commit to a tub

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Product Specifications


Why Bin Bombs? The Problem: Let’s face it – garbage bins stink and attract flies and insects! This is true whether it be household wheelie bins or those waste bins belonging to the world’s most reputable venues. Most bin’s smell foul because of rotting refuse and most are still “stinkers” after being emptied! Industrial bins can be even worse, especially when exposed to the hot sun.

Waste bins in and around Parks, Foreshores, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, and the like, can at times send out pungent odours repulsive to customers and pedestrian traffic ‐ hardly a positive experience and definitely not good PR for the venue. The Solution: BIN BOMBS – a brand new product designed to replace the repulsive stench of garbage with a pleasant aroma. BIN BOMBS – are bio-degradable granules infused with a unique re-odorant and natural insect repellent. When poured into rank-smelling garbage containers, BIN BOMBS quickly change the area in and around garbage bins to a far more pleasing and agreeable environ.

After 18 months of trialling BIN BOMBS in all types of garbage, people from all walks of life who utilise BIN BOMBS agree it provides the readymade solution that most businesses and households have been desperately demanding! Following are some of the many areas enhanced with the long lasting and pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS: So, it should not surprise anyone that new uses are still being discovered for the fantastically versatile, reodorising BIN BOMBS! The longevity of the BIN BOMBS fragrance far outlasts other products like sprays and chemical liquids.

How To Use?

How To Use?

The very first time you use BIN BOMBS in your waste bin, scatter four (4) scoops of the granules into the empty bin as an initial dose. Then following that, after each time the bin is emptied, simply use ONE-TWO (1-2) scoop(s) for a fresh odour-free bin! For particularly nasty-smelling waste bins, add a few more scoops of granules as required until bad odours are replaced with the pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS. [A scoop is about 1-tablespoon.]

Is BIN BOMBS safe?

Is BIN BOMBS safe?

YES! All of the ingredients used in BIN BOMBS come from natural sources. The citronella oil used in BIN BOMBS has been used for thousands of years as a safe, natural insect repellant. BIN BOMBS is also safe to touch with your hands.

Can I use BIN BOMBS around pets?

Can I use BIN BOMBS around pets?

YES! BIN BOMBS is safe to use around your pets and animals.

larger orders

larger orders

Bin Pellets – Tubs comes in 3 sizes. they are 1Kg, 4kg and 10kg. For custom-made orders or to mix and match tub sizes
for a 100Kg or larger order, please contact us by email or phone our Sales Manager, Alex Smith, on Mobile: 0406 785 027

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