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Restaurant Health Compliance

Restaurant Health Compliance - Our Speciality

Keep the Health Inspectors Happy – Use BIN BOMBS!

Many local restaurants are now using BIN BOMBS — a brand new product designed to replace the repulsive stench of garbage with a very pleasant aroma.

BIN BOMBS are biodegradable granules infused with a unique deodorant that absorbs the most stubborn odours and keeps bins smelling wonderfully fresh.

Just sprinkle BIN BOMBS into your wheelie or skip bin when emptied and top up if required during the period bin is filling up with waste.

BIN BOMB’S pleasant concentrated fragrance not only controls bad odours in restaurant bin areas but is also an excellent, long-lasting air-freshener for toilets. The product is also a bonus in public relations for the Hospitality Industry with their customers, passers-by and neighbours.

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