Q: How much BIN BOMBS do I use in a normal house-sized bin?

A: The very first time you use BIN BOMBS in your waste bin, scatter four (4) scoops of the granules into the empty bin as an initial dose. Then following that, after each time the bin is emptied, simply use ONE-TWO (1-2) scoop(s) for a fresh odour-free bin! For particularly nasty-smelling waste bins, add a few more scoops of granules as required until bad odours are replaced with the pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS. [A scoop is about 1-tablespoon.]

Q: Is BIN BOMBS safe?

A: YES! All of the ingredients used in BIN BOMBS come from natural sources. BIN BOMBS is also safe to touch with your hands.

Q: Can I use BIN BOMBS around pets?

A:  YES! BIN BOMBS is safe to use around your pets and animals.

Q: How long will a 1Kg tub of BIN BOMBS last?

A: Under normal usage, a 1Kg tub will last up to 18 - 20 weeks.

Q: Can I distribute BIN BOMBS in my area?

A:  YES! We are always looking for creative and energetic people who want to see a good product become great! Contact Us Now!

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You can make your home or office odour-free with the unique and pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS!

Make Your Home or Office Odour-Free

We Solve City, Town and Shire Council Odour Problems BIN BOMBS has been solving smelly Local Council bin and garbage problems all over Australia!

Odour Problems

Our Speciality Keep the Health Inspectors Happy
Use BIN BOMBS to control all types of odours!

Restaurant Health Compliance

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